Today is Royal Jordanians 54th birthday, and they celebrate the occasion by giving a 54% rebate (today only). 

From Germany for example you can fly to Bangkok, Hong Kong or Kuala Lumpur for about 1000€ return in business class. 

While it is not for everyone, flying from Cairo reduces the price to Bangkok for example to 618 USD in Business Plus, as reported by YHBU

Availability is  wide open, as you can book for just a bit more in Business Flex as well. 

As I want to visit the Pyramides anyway, this was a no-brainer and though the website was not available for quite some time due to the increased traffic, I was able to score flights in April / May. On the outbound flight even the short hop from CAI to AMM is on the Dreamliner.

On BA this flight will give you 

360 Tier Points  (40 + 140 + 140 + 40)

11350 AVIOS (no tier bonus)

The base earning rate is 125% with most Oneworld programs, only Royal Jordanian and American Airlines will give you tier bonus with a higher status. 







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