While the act of traveling itself is a big part of our passion, eventually you have to and want to arrive at your (temporary) destination. And what better way is there to get acclimated than delicious food? 

Our series tasty tidbits will focus on culinary joys we discovered on our travels. 

London. Great Steak. Reasonably priced. 

Sounds unlikely? Then you haven’t been to the Flat Iron yet.  What started as a pop-up at a pub quickly became a permanent fixture and then a growing chain of restaurants.  At the time of this writing already 5 restaurants exist in London, and with good reason.  


We visited the one at 17/18 Henrietta St, Covent Garden, WC2E 8QH. 

The Peculiarities

No reservations possible

 Bring some time. Queue up, get your name and number on a list and they will tell you the approx. waiting time.  Once your table is ready, you will get a text. 

Use the waiting time for something useful, like checking out Whisky and Gin at the nearby Whisky Exchange

The only exception to the reservation policy is “Butcher’s Feast”. 

“Tables are bookable for 8-11 people charged at £40 a head, due to meat ordering, tickets are for a fixed group size and once purchased are none alterable or refundable.”

Only one regular menu item

One steak cut. That’s it. 

I totally butchered the pic with the lighting and having only my phone with me. It does not do the steak justice. I’m a big, big filet fan, but this is one of the rare occasions, where I do not miss it.  I guess I have to come here again to make better pictures 😉

It’s juicy and tasty. 

If you are really hungry, then the portion size might be a bit on the smaller side. Just order another round. At 10 quid you don’t have to think twice! 


The sides are excellent. Chips / fries were crispy and the right amount of salty, spinach was yummy. But the best of all, by far: the roast aubergine with tomato, basil and parmesan.  It’s to die for! And that’s only slight hyperbole. I suggest to take at least two of it. Better three. It’s seriously that good. 


There is a board for some daily offers, which usually include a burger and maybe another cut of meat. 

After payment you get tokens, which you can exchange for ice cream on the way out. 


The Verdict

Great steak, great sides, free ice cream . 

The final tab was 86 GBP for 4 steaks, 6 sides, 4 drinks and 3 sauces. And this included an optional service charge of 12.5%. For the quality, the taste and London… this is a steal! 

I will go out of my way to squeeze in a dinner here the next time I’m in London. Also to make better pictures 🙂

Highly recommended. 








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