The Dock Napkin

While strolling around hip area Thonglor restaurant The Dock – Seafood Bar – By Thammachart Seafood caught our interest with a nice store front and interior.  Located in the small mall “The Maze Thonglor” it is a short walk away from BTS Thong Lo. 

We were actually on route to the Supanninga Eating Room, but also were in the mood for a new place, so we decided on the spot to give it a try. 


Fresh and delicious and seafood is available in abundance in Thailand, and usually I eat it either on the street or in my favorite chain restaurant Laem Charoen. 

The Dock is certainly a bit pricier than the above mentioned options, so we were curious if the quality would reflect it. 




The Starters

While oysters and caviar are some of the specialties of The Dock,  we went for the Yellowfin Tuna Tataki  &  Chili & Garlic Tiger Prawns.

Yellowfin Tuna Tataki 

Seared spicy Yellowfin Tuna, served with aioli Mediterranean-style sauce, cherry tomatoes and crispy garlic.  290 THB. 

The Dock - Tuna Tataki

This dish was served first, and it was simply marvelous! The tuna was of excellent quality,  the aioli and especially the crispy garlic gave it the little extra. Will certainly be a part of all future visits!

The Dock - Tuna Tataki

Chili & Garlic Tiger Prawns

Pan-fried large Black Tiger Prawns, with garlic, dry chili and our signature homemade lobster oil. 320 THB. 

The Dock Tiger Prawns with Chili and Garlic

I love chili, garlic and prawns. It’s a simple and yet very tasty combination, so the expectations were high.  And unfortunately, what comes so often with high expectations – disappointment.  Not that the dish wasn’t good, it was good, because the ingredients were fresh and of quality. But it just lacked something special, which makes you go mmmhmmm.  Like the Gambas Pil-Pil at Crêpes & Co. 


The Main Course 

Signature ‘Tsar of Ōra King Salmon A La Minute

Ōra King Salmon Tsar fillet, lightly oak-smoked, topped with crispy salmon skin and served with a chili, lime and garlic dressing, poached vegetables. 550 THB. 


The Dock - Ora King Salmon


Ōra king salmon is a quite rare breed and it has an higher fat content than “regular” salmon, sometimes drawing comparisons to Wagyu. 

And indeed, the improved texture and flavor of the king salmon were easily noticeable from the first bite. Yummy! 

The sauce is inspired by the typical green Thai seafood sauce, which was a very good fit. The poached veggies still had a good bite. 

The crispy skin was bit bitter, so in my opinion it was more decoration than an actual part of the meal. 


The Dock - Ora King Salmon


 Lobster and Truffles

Grilled American Lobster served with linguine, stir-fried with truffle oil and Swiss brown mushroom and lightly oak-smoked before serving. 990 THB. 


The Dock - Lobster and Truffels


The pasta was on point, exactly how I prefer them in terms of al dente. 

The truffle in the oil was present, but not overwhelming. Truth be told, I really like truffles, so a bit more would have been ok. Actual truffles would have been the icing on the cake. 

What really surprised me was the lobster. I haven’t eaten that many lobsters  in my life,  so my sample size is a bit limited. But whenever I ate it, it was in excellent restaurants. And this lobster meat was the one I liked the most. I will need to come back and try a meal with more lobster 🙂 


The Dessert

Chocolate Ganache Montaditos

Tapas-sized chocolate ganache on crispy toasts, topped with truffle oil and red chilies. 190 THB. 


The Dock - Dark Chocolate Ganache


We were contemplating between this and the strawberry cheesecake. We should have gone for the cheesecake. While it sounds interesting, the mix just didn’t work. The chocolate lacked sweetness, the chili and the truffle oil were barely there, and the toast did nothing. 

Dark Chocolate Fondant

Popular chocolate lava cake topped with caramel sauce and served with yogurt ice cream. 190 THB.


The Dock - Dark Chocolate Fondant


The lava cake delivered! The chocolate blended perfectly with the yogurt ice cream. 


The Dock - Chocolate lava cake


The Verdict

Hit it on 3/5.  And the 3 were really, really good. We will definitely come back soon and try other menu items. If you are in the mood for a chic place with high quality seafood at still reasonable prices, this is the place to be. Highly recommended. 

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